Our Affiliate Affinity!

Imagine having hundreds of online sales people reaching out to billions of potential customers. Welcome to Affiliate Marketing. This niche of online marketing represents the most lucrative form of obtaining customers and really speaks to your bottom line. Affiliate marketers are diverse and motivated since they are on commission only. But managing affiliates is no easy measure. They need to be constantly monitored, motivated and monetized! Juhll offers full-service affiliate management from analysis, to launch to management and continued growth. Affiliates are only compensated on the event you choose (a sale for example) so you are always guaranteed to realize a profitable margin. Call us today so we can discuss how affiliate marketing can bring your revenue goals to fruition.

Key Services

  • Custom built strategic relationships
  • Unique program commission structure suited for your business
  • Competitive analysis
  • Program auditing, implementation & management
  • Advanced affiliate marketing technology
  • Day-to-day affiliate support & incentive
  • Targeted creative development
  • Compliance monitoring and brand protection

Key Benefits

  • Increased web traffic and sales
  • Applied Best practices and contemporary management approach
  • Effective partner recruiting techniques
  • Creative on-demand
  • Renew and grow existing or stagnant programs
  • Launch new programs and see the results!