Optimizely, Google Experiments, Test plans, Eloqua, Marketo….

Juhll is an industry leader in providing landing page optimization. As proven in a head-to-head test against original sites, Juhll consistently produces the best alternative site version using the combination of successful experience, proven test strategies, outstanding content development and cutting edge technology. Juhll leverages a variety of advanced optimization technologies. Juhll takes complex variable interactions into account to find the truly optimal answer. Juhll supports large-scale tests involving millions of possible recipes. This service is available for clients at any stage of the campaign process including planning, deployment or re-launching. By utilizing this service, clients will have a higher conversion percentage, targeted and dynamic page content through real time optimization, automated statistical analysis and an end product based on statistical results.

Key Services

  • Creative development
  • Dynamic multivariate testing
  • Automatic content optimization
  • Creative optimization during live campaigns
  • Performance reporting

Key Benefits

  • Optimization costs are 75% lower than other agencies using the same technology
  • Landing pages optimized for highest conversion
  • Instantly updated offers, headlines, click actions and animations
  • Real time optimization
  • Automated statistical analysis
  • Notification when test results are identified
  • Creative based on statistically proven results vs. intuition