identify opportunities to meet your goals.
A simple audit can be the first step to your success.

tried and true audits

get a clear list of action items that are focused on making necessary improvements
SEO Audit Juhll Agency
search engine optimization (SEO)

This audit is not for the faint of heart! Our audit team delivers a detailed and actionable seo plan presented in the finest of documented detail. Our team follows that documentation with a 1 hour exploratory q/a session. Let our experts give you specific and clear seo scores, followed by recommendations and priorities to move your business forward. Your in house team can tackle the recommendations and fixes or we can simply do it for you.

  • On-Page SEO: On-site optimization that has the greatest impact on SEO (keyword integration and URL structure to site usability, Schema markup, and more)
  • Technical SEO: Indexation (robots files and XML sitemaps to bot loops, page load speed, mobile usability, and more)
  • Linking & Social Signals: External linking and social shares in relation to your top ranking competitors so you know where you stand
  • SEO Best Practices: Get recommendations based on industry best practices to understand how to best perform organically
SEO Audit Juhll Agency

Get a clear evaluation of your marketing efforts from your Facebook and/or Instagram Ads. Performing an audit will make sure your campaigns are optimized, and give you clear recommendations on what to change to improve them.
Identify new opportunities to structure your account, set up your campaigns and ads, test creative and audiences to improve your ROI of your paid social efforts.
Or we can do it all for you.

  • Attribution: Spend, devices, media mix, acquistion channels
  • Account¬†Structure: Campaign, ads, labels
  • Split Testing: Optimization, A/B testing, strategy, planning, results
  • Audiences: Custom, re-targeting, lookalikes, devices, frequency
  • Creative Strategy: Optimization, acquisition, creative
Google Analytics Audit Juhll Agency
google ANALYTICS audit

Your marketing and conversion data is pure gold. When mined properly can have massive impact on business insights and outcomes. Understanding what to track is just as important as setting up the tracking to begin with. The Google Analytics audit will help you rest better at night knowing your data is trustworthy, current and actionable.

  • Tracking Code: outdated, missing placements, enhanced advertising reporting features, social settings
  • Configuration: user permissions, referral exclusion, cross-domain tracking, hostname in URLs, filters, URL rewriting, default view, default page, auto track
  • Data Integrity: raw data view, combined data, spam/bot traffic, excessive sampling, PPC sessions in organic, query parameter exclusion, (not set) in reports, signs of scraping, artificially low bounce rates, annotations, personally identifiable information, manual Google Ads tagging override
  • Measurement: campaign tagging, event tracking, custom dimensions/metrics, data imports, re-marketing, grouping, segmenting, landing pages, conversions, goal funnels, e-commerce
  • Account Linking: Google Ads, Google AdSense, Google Search Console
Google Analytics Audit Juhll Agency
google ads audit

Our experts review your Google advertising account and identify areas for both operational and performance improvement. Google Adwords is a key driver of bottom funnel results and ensuring your company is doing everything it can to produce the best result in this channel is a key growth driver.

  • Wasted Spend: use of negative keywords, lower costs
  • Quality Score: campaigns, ROI impact, rankings
  • Click-ThroughRate (CTR): ads targeting
  • Account Activity: time in account
  • Long-Tail Keyword Optimization: use of long-tail keywords, high-intent, low-cost traffic
  • Ad Text Optimization: text ad usage, strong performance, impressions, clicks, CTR, ad ranking
  • Landing Page Optimization: landing pages, competitors
  • PPC Best Practices: proven best practices, optimal performance